Gossip: General meeting at Boom Studios today, any changes in sight?


  • General meeting at Boom Studios Today
  • Possible changes in sight
  • Rumors of gossip to be continued

Today at Boom Studios, a general meeting attracts the attention of observers from the entertainment world. Rumors of changes are already circulating in the studio corridors. What is going on behind these closed doors? Let’s take a closer look at this meeting which could well announce major new developments.

Rumors of sale to Penguin Random House

There are recent rumors that Boom Studios could be sold to Penguin Random House. These rumors are not new in the industry. Companies like AWA and Vault are also often subject to similar speculation. However, most of the time nothing comes to fruition.

A general meeting for what purpose?

It is rumored that a general meeting at Boom Studios would have taken place because of this potential sale to Penguin Random House. As a reminder, this publishing house is nothing more and nothing less than the largest book publisher in the world and the exclusive distributor of several big names in comics, such as Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and IDW.

Ross Richie’s Suspicious Activity

The co-founder of Boom Studios, Ross Richie, dismissed from office a few years ago, also attracted attention. He seems more active than ever on social media, which suggests he might be on to something important.

Notable departures within Boom Studios

There have been some notable departures recently at Boom Studios. Filip Sablik, the former President, left the company to join IDW. Lance Krieter, former Vice President of Licensing and Merchandising, returned to Dark Horse Comics after an absence of 14 years. Coincidence or relationship with sales rumors? Mystery.

History of Boom Studios

Founded by Ross Richie And Andrew Cosby in 2005, Boom Studios established itself as a major publisher in the world of comics, with popular licenses like Buffy, Firefly, Planet of the Apes And Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The publisher has also launched original titles such as Something Is Killing the Children And Lumberjanes.

Comparison table of recent events

Sales rumors Potential acquisition of Boom Studios by Penguin Random House
General meeting Held at Boom Studios to discuss the changes
Ross Richie Increased activity on social media
Filip Sablik Departure for IDW
Lance Krieter Return to Dark Horse Comics
History of Boom Studios Founded in 2005, publisher of several popular licenses

List of highlights

  • Rumors: Potential sale to Penguin Random House
  • Meeting : All-hands meeting at Boom Studios
  • Ross Richie: Increased activity on social networks
  • Departures: Filip Sablik and Lance Krieter leave Boom Studios
  • History: Boom Studios founded in 2005, recognized publisher


Q: What are the current rumors surrounding Boom Studios?
A: A potential sale of Boom Studios to Penguin Random House.
Q: Why was a general meeting held at Boom Studios?
A: To discuss possible changes related to sales rumors.
Q: Who is Ross Richie and what is his current role?
A: Ross Richie is the co-founder of Boom Studios and has recently been more active on social media.
Q: What are the recent resignations at Boom Studios?
A: Filip Sablik and Lance Krieter have left Boom Studios to join IDW and Dark Horse Comics, respectively.
Q: What are Boom Studios’ main licenses and original titles?
A: Boom Studios publishes licenses like Buffy And Firefly, as well as original titles such as Something Is Killing the Children And Lumberjanes.

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